Paul Birchard writes:

I believe Konrad Hopkins is a truly remarkable individual, one of the world's (mostly) hidden gems. This conviction in me only grows stronger as the days go by...

Konrad possess an intense passion for life, an iron-willed determination combined with a profound commitment to create and to help others bring out the best in themselves - qualities rare enough in any individual, but breathtaking in someone nearing the close of his eighth decade.

Konrad's drive and strength of character may owe something to his lineage - a combination of German Swiss and Native American Choctaw. A self-confessed 12th century man, he hasn't watched television since 1964! - but he's in no sense isolated from current events. Possessed of a detailed and robust memory, he is nevertheless immersed in the present and focused on the future.

Oh, and he ain't pompous, neither...

He has had a lengthy career as a teacher of Humanities. A graduate of Harvard and Florida State University, he taught at the University of Iowa (Tennessee Williams's alma mater) where he studied with the legendary Marguerite Young (and took over her apartment when she moved back to New York), at FSU-Tallahassee (where he set Burt Reynolds on the path to becoming an actor and director), in Cuba, Vienna and for many years at the University of Paisley in Scotland.

His cultural interests are keen and wide-ranging: from the music of Korngold, Shostakovich and Janacek to the writing of William Sharp/Fiona MacLeod - and he has published books in many languages for UNESCO through his company Wilfion Books.

He was a close literary associate of the late James T. Farrell (author of Studs Lonigan and many other novels, stories and acutely observed essays), and he also knew Tennessee Williams, William Inge and Gore Vidal when he lived in New York in the 1950's and '60's.

Despite all the difficulties of making this feature film on a very tight budget, and all the delays that has entailed, we have had a wonderful time making U & Me & Tennessee.

PAUL BIRCHARD (Producer/Director)

is the only actor ever to have left Hollywood, based himself in Glasgow, and lived to tell about it!

He has played leading roles at the Royal National Theatre and in London's West End, in The Foreigner and The Graduate (with Anne Archer and Linda Gray), and also worked extensively in Television and Film. Recent work incudes Inside Waco (Discovery Network/Channel 4), 1408 (the upcoming Stephen King movie in which Paul works opposite John Cusack) and Waterloo Road (BBC - episodes 11 & 12). He has acted with many of the finest actors and directors in the world, including Dame Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, John Boorman, Tim Burton, Angela Lansbury, the late Ismail Merchant and James Ivory, Jack O'Brien - and he considers himself especially fortunate to have worked with the late Lindsay Anderson on his penultimate stage production The Fishing Trip.

In addition to U & Me & Tennessee, Paul has written, produced and directed two short fiction films - Pants On Fire and Christmas Consciousness. He's been a TV Sportscaster, a Radio presenter, and has an ongoing commitment to teaching (Acting, Directing & Theatre Studies) that has naturally intertwined with his other work over the years.



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